Megan's Graduation Fall 2015 - December 12, 2015

Megan Finally did it. Fall commencements are the best. No rush, lots of parking and seats everywhere. Worst part? We got the seats at the very top -- and it does get better. The ceremony was stinking hot and freaking long. But whatever we had a blow-up head of Megan 4 feet big -- soo.... it was worth it.

Her graduation consisted of just a lot of talking not too many interesting speakers but good enough that sounded legit. And the walk....

Look at this kid with her lil' piece of paper. Just look at her.

 You know out of this whole ceremony I did not expect a lot of people from SLO to stay. I mean not cause they don't want to but because like why not go home right? Well surely enough there was a lot of people. 


Lo and behold, the trolls of spooner Dr. Some of the most greatest designers, engineers, and masterplan creators.

 Now friends and family, pictures that will repeat its background.