Yaejin and Sung Ji // June 14, 2018

Congratulations Yaejin and Sung Ji!!!

These two friends seemed to just be a total accident this year. I do not know how or what or why, but some how these friendships just all smashed together and just worked together.... BUT to the point I think throughout this year the time spent with Yaejin and Sung Ji have been very fruitful. Just purely from sharing meals to random adventures with these two (and the addition of our many other Spooner buddies), it has been encouraging and a blessing to have two supportive sisters be around AACF. Ultimately the past two years God has taken over and driven my life to be patient in many different ways. But an example of having these two in my life -- crazy adventure buddies. 

Yaejin and Sung Ji really take there time to be thoughtful in the things they do and ways they do serve -- that alone is something I still learn and am encouraged by. Not to many people in college cook full on meals for me, but when they do... it's quite surprising, and so this past week Yaejin and Sung Ji cooked a homemade Korean meal and it was sooooo gooodd. The taste of home just bounced everywhere and with the intention of "hey, just sit there and relax we'll cook for you" it really is just a blessing to have in my life. With another accomplishment in life, I hope they conquer their next challenge in life with God by their side.

The Shoot

Yah okay, way to be late Sunny and Yaejin. LOL Usually starting earlier helps me to be chill during the shoot and take my time, but I mean... we were kinda late. Like an hour.. haha started at 6 but with 4 different locations before Shell Beach (The Golden Hour Location), this was risky tight. But whatever, I cut out one location and pre-planned while I waited, and little do you know -- just in the nick of time. Woo-hoo, school pictures to California sign, then to farmers then to Shell it all came in pretty well. I mean whatever this wasn't all too exciting in terms of like explaining what I did. Kinda the same thingy-ma-jig.

Fun fact. "Smile, then say ah". Good smile.

Locations: Cal Poly Architecture, Cal Poly Engineering IV, Cal Poly California Sign, Farmer's Market, Shell Beach, Spooner, Milestone Tavern