Kristen Chung // May 27, 2019

Congratulations Kristen!!!

Kristen’s grad pictures all started when we bumped to each other in Fall at Scout Coffee!! We started catching up and she mentioned she wanted graduation photos, and finally I was able to take her photos in May!!

We started off early afternoon at Scout Coffee and we had Danielle and Phoebe join us!! It was awesome being able to catch up with the three and spend time with them! All three of them had so much energy and made it super fun taking photos! Right after Scouts we went to campus to take photos in front of the Cal Poly Signage. We finished off at Avila and they went to a EPIC leader’s meeting. We met back up at Nite creamery had so ice cream and then went to McDonald’s to end the night! Overall it was very, very adventurous.

This was a fun grad shoot and definitely a memorable one to be apart of. Check out the photos!!