Jayme and Jodie // November 4, 2018

Jayme and — …Only Jayme is graduating from Cal Poly this year.

“Jayme is my best friend.” This is how she wanted me to start this blog post. In the midst of me writing, Jodie was studying for a midterm.

This grad shoot was split up into two days because of daylight savings time... It was great…. Sunday’s sunset was at 5:11PM rather than 6:11PM. It was great, cause then we split the session up into two days. Jayme also wanted me to say… she reminded me a bunch of times.

Anyway, this was a great opportunity to visit friends in SLO, see a baptism, and take graduation photos. Cal Poly’s new dorm’s on Grand are SUPER nice, so much that the Cal Poly Sign on Grand looks WAYY better than the Cal Poly Sign on California. Like every grad shoot I photograph, it doesn’t matter what looks “good” — but what matters is the memories the grad had at Cal Poly. So beautiful flower walls to Starbucks, but then we ran out of ideas and then ended up at Laguna, but with memorable items like sunflowers, and well……. IT WAS GREAT!! Being able to catch up with Jayme and Jodie and take their grad photos was an honor! They’re both going to grad school at USC and Cal Poly!!

Also after you through blow sparkly stuff in a park, yah gotta pick it up.