Regita and Mindy // May 29, 2019

Congratulations Regita and Mindy!!!

5AM…. That’s when I started the car to drive to MDO. We met up at MDO at 5:30PM and went straight to taking pictures in hopes to see the sunrise. However this year the weather has not been so consistent, and we had a deep roll of fog and clouds all day in SLO. Nevertheless, I was persistent to make the best of the situation and day. We later went to their apartment and then campus, we finished off the morning at 730AM at SloDoCo — nice and early.

The reality is that graduation photos is not a photo shoot to look 100% perfect. The reality is that the city we live in has many unexpected changes, and in SLO weather is one of them. The places I go to for graduation photos are a memorable place for the students to just capture the four years into an image.

Here’s the morning shoot!