Casey Li // June 13, 2018

Congratulations Casey Li!!!

"Do you need a ride to work? I could come by to exchange sashes and give you a ride too if you want"

I told Casey to tell me something interesting about herself. I didn't choose what she told me, but she did text me this so here's a good story.

I lost my keys this week, like POOF -- Gone. I had my car keys, house keys, and just a whole mess of memorabilia. I spent Wednesday... All. Day. Looking for my keys. Anddddd... I couldn't find it. From my house to Spooner to Avila beach, nothing. BUT, as I was chatting with everyone about when they last saw me with the keys Casey offered me a ride to work. ---- Wow. That's it? No. Wrong. 

When there's a need, there's always help. Casey has that heart to love and serve others, from being sick and offering me medicine to giving me a ride to work. That's a perfect example of just how she has been a wonderful sister in AACF, and it was super wonderful knowing her through the years. Rolling through freshman year till now, her character and faith have definitely been rounded and shaped to be a woman of God. This reflection of Casey is just my experience and I know that she has been a blessing in my life.

Also, she wanted to jack my sash, cause she messed her's up. The second half of the comment isn't that important, but I didn't bother cutting it out -- hah...

The Shoot

This shoot was fairly chill and simple and fun, BUT I was sick when all this happened. Okay so maybe not so fun. But I thought it was fun. whatever. The day started off at College of Orfalea and went around taking photos n' stuff throughout the building, and then went to Scout's. Because of course I need juice for the day, but thanks to Casey she bought my drink and it was wonderful -- thanks a bunch! Since this was finals week many of our friends were studying and we bumped into Michelle and Sheri at Scout's. Afterward, we went to The Creamery and snacked a Cider and met Julia there! One of Casey's favorite places was Shell beach, so that's where we went and saw the sunset. Finally got some photos at Perfumo and called it a day.

Locations: Orfalea - College of Business, Cal Poly California Signage, Scout's Coffee (Foothill), Cider - The Creamery, Shell Beach, Perfumo Canyon.