Kristen, Gabbi, and Carly // June 1, 2019

Congratulations Kristen, Gabbi, and Carly!! Class of 2019!

Seeing all three of these girls since their freshman year till now is crazyyyy!!!! It’s been a wild four years, but they finally made it and I’m glad I was able to spend time taking their graduation photos today!

Starting off at 8:30 AM… We went to Johe and snapped some pictures in front of some iconic places at the ranch. Afterwards we went to Laguna Lake and snapped some outdoor photos of the trees and fields. Afterwards, we took a break and went to Lincoln Deli to eat the ‘Not So Famous’ breakfast burrito. Right after we went to campus, then BobaStop, and then finally Ferrini. Overall it was really fun hanging out and the weather was pretty decent until noon where the sun came out and was at its high point… But other than that a great day!!

Here’s the pictures!