Sam Ho // June 11, 2018

Congratulations Sam Ho!!!

From freshman year till our Senior year! I can't believe it's been so long, you seriously have been one amazing woman and sister in Christ! I appreciate how you are able to share your love for certain things throughout your life with others and that I can definitely see. But most of all I'm super excited that you're going to summer missions!! Plug. Go support yah girl for missions to South East Asia. Ultimately, Sam Ho. You are an amazing woman and I am encouraged by all that you do and for what you do it for.

The bulk of the day was done at Scout's, Target and the sweet comfort of nature... ALSO FUN FACT SHE HATES NATURE!!! BUT going to Target was so fun, I love shoots that are out of the ordinary and going to places that she loved made it all the fun. It was a quick shoot, and I was glad to support her in the little ways that I can.

Locations: Scout's on Foothill, California Cal Poly Sign, Target, Irish Hills.