Katie and Danika // May 28, 2018

Congratulations Katie and Danika!!

Danika originally had a photo shoot with me first. But like any graduation shoot, nothing turns out the way it should be. Part way through our shoot, the fog rolled over San Luis Obispo and we ended up having to cut short. I usually give the opportunity for the graduate to reschedule a different day and just start a little bit more fresh. I do this because I enjoy taking photos more than that of "just getting it done". Even though the school year is winding down it is getting quite busy. 

With my schedule being so busy, I gave Danika the opportunity to reschedule with Katie Gong-Guy and to join it as a double's shoot. She gladly did! 

Katie is silly and camera shy, but she is also full of joy and happiness -- that alone is exactly how this shoot went. With Danika joining, she helped keep the conversations going. Side Note: Bringing a friend to any shoot is super helpful to keep the model happy and to help me carry things around for the model and myself. I am grateful that Danika joined, she made it so much more fun and easy.

Initially, we wanted to go to Montaña de Oro but the fog rolled over once again. So we ended up going to Avila Beach, but on the way back on Los Osos Valley Road, we stopped at several random roads to take a few photos, super pretty backdrops -- but it was windy and super cold. Tip from Danika: If you ever wonder what or where somewhere else looks like, use Snapchat or Instagram and look at the location stories. This may be useful for looking at lines, or in my case the weather. 

We ended our shoot at Avila beach, and even though it is quite busy I really enjoyed these graduation shoots. One, because many of these graduates are my peers and I enjoy the conversations with them and the time spent with them.

Locations: Cal Poly California Sign, Warren J. Baker Building (CPSLO), English Building (CPSLO), Los Osos Valley - Side Roads, Avila Beach.

Source: katie-and-danika