Hyo Jin Park // May 22, 2018

Congratulations Hyo Jin!!

First completed grad shoot of 2018!! We started off at campus, and kinda diddle daddle around the business building.

I’m not camera shy but I’m scared of people...
— Fun Fact about Hyo Jin.

hahhh.. Went to the Cal Poly Sign on California and then a nitch between a fence line. But with the gloomy weather rolling into SLO, it did not look so promising. So we went to Terrace Hill took a few photos, and then called it a day. We postponed the shoot and added her closest peers from her class and then started at Scout's on Foothill and then went to MDO. Even though it was foggy, we still went to the dunes, cause eventually it's all about the memories and reality of SLO. To be honest, there's not perfect day when you need it -- but that's what makes this all the more real.

Titus 2:11-12