Celeste Kiatkwanku // July 24, 2018

Happy first day of school Cal Poly!!

July 24th?! It’s only been a little over a month since Class of 2018 just walked and then Class of 2019? Yup, Celeste got lucky and skipped over the rush and obnoxious waits at the Cal Poly sign. The over-populated city with way too many people during June has all passed when we took the photos in July.

So after doing this over and over, I find it a struggle to create a new perspective on a location that may seem “already depleted”. But being persistent to challenge myself is always a goal, the Cal Poly Sign on California is one of those places where it seems like there’s no hope. But then I realized each perspective is already different, and the challenge is how do I make 4 years of Cal Poly iconic, memorable, and relatable to the graduate.

Each graduate takes me to a unique facility on campus and for Celeste, being a Animal Science major, we were able to go to the Cal Poly clinic. Thereafter we went to the Cal Poly sign, followed by Laguna Lake and the pier by the lake. For whatever reason, Laguna Lake had a few hay bales hanging around and that definitely took a spun on the pictures. Finally we finished off with sparklers from July 4th, and it was a good happy one of the last grad shoots for… who knows maybe a month haha…

Anyway, thanks for reading and congrats to Celeste and the Class of 2019!!