AACF Class of 2018 // June 3, 2018

Asian American Christian Fellowship Seniors -- my graduating class for the community whom I grew and spent time with for much of the time here in SLO. This is the community in which my faith grew and shaped my character. My class has shown me love, kindness, humility, and have tested my faith in ways that I would have said: "I would never want to be in a place like that". The appreciation and joy I have for this class are beyond words.

AACF Class of 2018. "WHAT?! WHY ARE YOU TAKING THESE PHOTOS?!" Well, first of all, to be honest, I wanted the best for my class and what other way is by giving me up to be in it?! Because YES, I would want to do that. Something that is for forever would be the greatest, the images here are all about experiences and I shared that with 15 other crazy monkey's. Ok, but with the help of Celeste I ended up with a few photos (Woo hoo!). 

This shoot was... Okay, honestly getting 15 others to have the same schedule to block out almost 4 hours to take photos?! That's the dedication here. What's even better is that all these goons are so simple that they don't need complex locations or anything. I mean this day was meant to be fun with memories of the happening. But okay, the day went well but who cares.

We call ourselves dysfunctional, odd, weird, and you know what it's because we find our identity in God. Otherwise, the fear of judgment would for sure ruin us.

The images here reflects the real seniors of AACF. Here is some encouragement from the seniors to let others know about our worries, anxiousness, and identity. Honestly, we find our identity in Christ and this is how many of us have been grounded in our faith. 

Below is a culmination of seniors who share an encouragement that proves our weakness and showing our identity in God, not our things or how we act as seniors.

Many may see the seniors as a group of dysfunctional misfits who can't seem to plan anything for their life. But 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 states that in our weakness and imperfections the Lord's power is made perfect. So take pride in your weakness! Own it! Boast about it! For our identity does not lie in these things but in God who made us perfect.

“People call these things imperfections, but they’re not. Aw, that’s the good stuff.” - Good Will Hunting. Part of being human mean having imperfections, it is part of who we are. But we have a perfect God that demonstrates his perfect love to us. Being with this imperfect and dysfunctional group, I can truly say that I was able to experience that love, and I myself learn to show that love. PTL that he would use imperfect people like us to pour out His perfect and unconditional love.

Weakness hurts. Weakness breaks. Weakness is discouraging. Weakness is real. Knowing and sharing the weakness with God and His family is part of becoming more Christ-like. Becoming humble and working with others to turn our eyes upon Jesus reminds us that even though we fail God and each other, our true identity will always be covered in grace by our savior on the cross. Our love for God and each other pushes us to gracefully correct and encourage one another so that we may press on our personal upward goals of sanctification for the glory of God our Father.

Everyone has their own walk with God, some people know Jesus for their whole life and some of them might just start the journey with God. Dealing with their own weaknesses were a challenge in college life, but it was a blessing coming into AACF. They went through ups and downs together as brothers and sisters, they all had learned and grown through these years by sharing the God’s love to one another. Although life after graduation is challenging, they all are ready to go out and give the blessing they have to their communities. “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

2 Corinthians 11:30 If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness.