Michael and Jiun // June 4, 2017


Oh man, I had a million things to do — this, that, this that. But why do I take photos? The biggest reason is because I want to capture moments in life; you’ll live life once and the images that I capture have that single purpose. Knowing Golahi for almost 3 years, it’s crazy — nah just kidding we all knew you were going to graduate.

This was my last photoshoot for seniors 2017 in SLO.

But actually taking photos bring a different perspective to the reality of time. Seeing these photos I definitely can say that if he was actually leaving it’d be sad, but he’s not so it’s ok. But seeing all the seniors leave is really sad, knowing this class the longest it’s actually crazy how much they influenced my life here in SLO. Just grabbing some food to nom on and just to create a relationship with a bunch of people who all have a unique way of expressing God’s love. It’s crazy. But sad stuff aside.

THIS SHOOT WAS ACTUALLY FUN THOUGH!!! We started with Scout’s (1) coffee because we all had a long day and need to juice up before this shoot. Then went to the best place to take photos and eat at the sometime… Lincoln Deli… Afterwards we went to campus, haha and to think that was it, nahhh. we went to Laguna Lake and literally unloaded a barrage of photos in just minutes to spare because I had things to do after and my timetable got goofy-ed. BUT it’s ok. Anyway these are actually some of my favorite out of 10.

Okay I never ask for photos, but they actually asked me for one. haha so shoot, can't say no. They ask? I deliver.