AACF Grad Photos // May 20-21, 2017

3/XX AACF SENIORS! This grad shoot was the most unexpected…… First and foremost, this was a two-day shoot (Satuday, Sunday) because of the weather… We started at school and then wanted to go to Montaña de Oro. BUT — lately SLO has had heavy fog roll in from the Pacific around evening 7:45 PM. WHICH is my primetime for shooting…
On Saturday, I started at campus at 6PM and shot with seniors at College of Business and Engineering IV. THEN we went to MDO.. and then it was like bad………………….. But we rescheduled for the next day, Sunday… Sunday was a busy, busy, busy, busy day. With baptisms and class hangouts, I had to finish there photo shoot. So 7PM we went to Irish hills — BIG FAT SIDE NOTE: Awful for group grad photos… totally lacks a lot of space. BUT it’s okay, finished off at Laguna Lake with some more fog rolling in — of course. These fun seniors still wanted more, and of course. McDonalds. Sunshine Donuts.

Honestly, I really wanted the photos to be like EPIC, super nice super fancy, but it was super hard achieving that style.. BUT this turned out to be a wicked story and of course, iconic and unique to this group and class of 2017. Lovely.

TL;DR Bad weather, unique story, and unique photos.