Carrizo Plain National Monument // April 15, 2017

Sorry in the midst of the start of week 3 and so much more this week is so busy, and with me catching the flu a lot of my work is catching up.. I can't do anything.. BUT a short simple break from the week to be reminded of how much fun I had this weekend when Megan came down from the Bay!!!! YAY...
Carrizo Plain National Monument is located 70 miles east of San Luis Obispo, and 100 miles north of LA county's border. Carrizo sits 2,200 ft above sea level, and is home to one of the largest natural alkaline lakes. Okay okay whatever short history, every so often California gets rain and encourages a super bloom of flowers in the Spring to emerge and thus creates 15 miles worth of beautiful flowers.

We left San Luis Obispo at 2:45! Richie, Miranda, Nate, Megan, and I traveled to the great plains on nearly a hour forty-five minute drive.... And when we got there we planned for a picnic and joy ride through the countryside. A few pictures here and there, climb on top of the national monument to have an outlook and voila.... But wait.. in between the monument and picnic, we visited Soda Lake. BUT 90 miles away from SLO, we happen to see Terry, Carolyn, Andy, and Wonbin... in the middle of a 15 mile area.. in a small, small, small part of the park... What are the odds. BUT THIS STORY GETS BETTER.. Our homeboy Richie decides to clobber his beautiful white shoes into the Alkaline Lake. Pretty much sunk right into the mud-like-lake... Dunno but this was entertaining.