AACF SLO Retreat 2017 // January 13 - 15 . 2017

AACF SLO Retreat 2017.
Theme: Bond-Fire Biggest take out: Everyone has struggles and doubts, but make sure God carries them. And AACF Family gots some strong love for each other.
Here are some short blurb's:

Three days. Two nights.
Fifty-five brothers and sisters. One family.
One God.
Endless memories. 

As we arrived, the wind blew as the trees opened to reveal the place where we would call home for the weekend. An escape from school, life, stress.

Sitting there, a brother to my left and a sister to my right, I knew I was home. HE was there.

Strings struck. Voices harmonized. Bodies swayed.
Looking around, I was surrounded by silhouettes, each face I know by name. People I am blessed to cross paths with, to share life with. Our joys. Our struggles.

Homemade meals. Contagious laughs. Deep conversations.
And an encouraging story of God's work being done.

"We didn't realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun."

- Some homie from 528
One of the few events from my Winter Break 2016. This past weekend AACF spent their Winter Retreat at Lopez Bible Camp in Arroyo Grande. In a place of isolation, this truly allow God to work within the fellowship.

What a weekend…full of laughter, worship, and bonding over God’s fire. Being able to unplug from the world and dive into our faith with fellow brothers and sisters of Christ was so refreshing. It was clear that despite where a person was with their walk with God, there was so much to learn from their testimony and experiences.

Special thanks to Helicon for driving from SB to lead the daily sermons and for reminding us to share our fires burning for Jesus. In summary, retreat was lit.

- Ferrini Girls Photos a combination of Chubbs and other people