Coffee Cupping.Kreuzberg, San Luis Obispo // December 14, 2016

So aside from finals week.. We decided to take a break and get some coffee at Kreuzberg. However it wasn't just any coffee. It was a cupping session. Oh yes 8 different types of coffee.

Thanks to our buddy who is a roaster at Kreuzberg he was able to just give us a glimpse at what he gets to do here in San Luis Obispo! Coffee Cupping.

We had 8 types of coffee which were: Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Columbia, Christmas Blend (Kreuzberg Blend: Brazil Columbia, Kenya], Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia [Organic Worka], Ethiopia [Yirgacheff Misty Valley].

Each cup had 12 grams of coffee to about 7 ounces of water.
Each cup steeps for about 4 - 5 minutes.

The judging begins.

We start off by pushing the coffee grounds away from the top of the cup and taking a good sniff of the aroma the coffee, also known as "breaking the crust". The next step is removing the grounds completely and preparing to taste.

The tasting session just has a spoonful of coffee and a lot of SLURPING. By slurping the coffee, you are able to spray the coffee onto your entire tongue, and therefore able to taste the liquid on your whole palette. We clean the cups in hot water for sanitation and dip it in cold water so that we can fully taste the coffee in the next cup. And boom that's it. I personally enjoyed the Ethiopia [Organic Worka]. The Ethiopia has a fruity and chocolaty aroma, and has a sweet earthy flavor to it. It's also very full and round compared to the Ethiopia [Yirgacheff Misty Valley], which was very mild and mellow as a coffee. Overall, this was pretty fun and a good breather from finals week. But back to the grind. Here we goooo.