AACF Men's Retreat // November 11:13 2016

Goals of the weekend were to eat good food, mess around, bond, and spend the weekend with God. The food was bomb shout out to Harrison and Terry and everyone that helped out (put a picture of food here). The whole weekend was a bunch of jokes. You can’t stop laughing with these boys. Wonbin peed his pants 2 times. We played tackle football (Harrison ripped his shorts and wanted to go to church the next day with a big hole in his butt put picture here of Harrison’s shorts). Rock rock rock rock. Spirit led testimonies and worship. The fellowship and openness that we are able to have with each other as brothers in Christ is a huge blessing. Bryan cried 3 times and Tobin once. PTL. Highlight: God doing His thing.
Written by the homies, at Alby's New Place.