Raymond Deng 19th Birthday // October 30, 2016

One of the most surprised-filled, messiest party easily describes Raymond’s 19th birthday. This year, we decided to hold the ambush at the Hedge after Sunday service. The hosts provided fried rice, hot dogs, cake, and a suspicious lemon meringue pie with a can of whipped cream sitting on the counter. It started off with a simple plan to shove a plate full of whipped cream when he entered the house, but it ended up somehow with Raymond on the ground after a hard whipped cream slap to the face (RIP his nice Sunday clothes). The party went on with another ambush of nerf guns after Raymond changed while the next “loving” birthday surprise was waiting for him. Kyle Chin, the biggest Star Wars lover and host for the day, smashed Raymond once again with the cream-filled pie, leading to a confusing, yet snapchat-worthy wrestling match with Raymond and Kyle. Everyone went home with a full stomach and a new stack of laundry to do with their sticky clothes. Be warned: Raymond also might smell like cream for the next couple of days. Writer Daisy An.

Daisy is a sophomore. She's an engineer. She a cool kid.