Outcry // Concord, CA - 08272016

This day was a chill yet busy and jam-packed day. Started our day off with lunch in Uptown Oakland at the infamous Belly with the infamous Richie Choi. Had some expensive Asian/Mexican fusion and dessert at Ici's in Berkeley. Then decided to kill some more time at Ikea. Afterwards, started making our way to Concord for Outcry 2016. Never been out that way and I felt like I was driving through the middle of nothing. Once we finally got settled on the lawn, got to enjoy short sets from Elevation Worship, Housefires, Kari Jobe, Hillsong Y&F, and finally Hillsong Worship. Not gonna lie it was cold af sitting outside, but still had a solid night of fun and worship. Here's some pics.

 Big Ikea chair, small Asian kid.