Off the Grid // Lake Merritt - 08262016

I woke up at 5:30AM to drive to Long beach Airport. Took a flight to the bay area and arrived at 8:20AM. Megan picked me up and we went to a cafe in Castro Valley and just relaxed studied - pretty much enjoying ourselves. We relaxed all the way till the night time where we had dinner at Off the Grid in Lake Merritt, Oakland with her dad and younger brother! We left Castro Valley at 6PM and drove over to Lake Merritt parked and went around and just ate our hearts desires out. From burritos at SeƱor Sisig, to garlic fries from a burger truck, to pork belly steamed baos from The Chairman. We left with full and satisfied stomachs, and an empty wallet. Nonetheless, always a good time enjoying the food, the music and the eccentricity of Oakland.