Big Bear Summer Camping Trip - July 17,2016

Dude. This might just be the highlight of my summer // July 17-19 So coming back from my brief mission trip/vacation (which at this time if you are reading I don't know when I'll write out lolol...), I couldn't find work cause no one wants to hire a kid for a 2 months. So I had to make time with projects here and there and jack. Well ends up I went on a spontaneous camping trip and check out all the fun things that I was able to do LOL... well yeah sorta. This trip was at Big Bear, and we stayed at Camp Serrano's camping grounds. We did a lot of eating, and did a bomb hike and it was a blast! We also did kayaking and man.. That was hard got no pictures of it so I guess it didn't happen but overall I mean come on camping is camping. It was fun lol.

Some tacos.

Straight up slave work, washing dishes in the wild.

Driving to our hiking location. Castle Rock Trail.