MBCK - May 30, 2016

Grad Shoot 7/7 Matthew Lin, Bradley Pavy, Caleb Porter, Keli Yogi. A bunch of a few from Cal Poly.

This bunch was a fun to be with, they just laugh and smile and vibe on their own to just create a atmosphere of joy! Each all having different interests, traits, skills, and dreams it was pretty cool to witness what they all had to bring to the table.

starting the day off it was wednesday, may 25. a bright warm sunny day and turned dark and cloudy by 530 and that flipped that shoot upside down. arriving at the first location we all decided to postpone the shoot to the 30th.

so here we are monday. starting at eng iv, going to cal poly sign and visiting the mustang memorial. we then traveled to downtown and visited a pretty nifty bridge and we also went to laguna lake, agian!

as a treat the group decided to take us out to grab some food, and boy oh boy --- spiciest sandwich in my life. tears. so many tears.

here the pics.