Adrienne & Christian - 05.15.16

Adrienne and Christian: my first engagement shoot of 2016. And boy was it a fun one full of firsts!

The story begins with Megan telling me that her cousin just got engaged, and she recommended that I shoot their engagement photos. Fast forward a few months, and here we are driving back to the Bay and meeting up with Adrienne + her sister Kaitlyn over some Sharetea boba and just laying out schedule/timeline of the session.

Fast forward again to Sunday 4PM, me and Megan drive over to the infamous Sunset District of San Francisco, meet up with Adrienne, Christian and Kaitlyn and head over to our first location, Super Cue. A small little boba shop, but one filled with enough memories for the two. Took a few shots, then drove over to Polly Ann’s Ice Cream. You can tell that Adrienne and Christian have their priorities straight, food above everything. Another quirky shop with interesting flavors and lots of charm. Here’s a few more shots:

For an impromptu third location, we headed over to West Sunset Playground and conjured up some nostalgic feels with the hopscotch squares.

Lastly, we ended our day at Stern Grove/Pine Lake. Had a sweet time walking around the lake, taking goofy pics of them and their Tsums Tsums. These two were probably one of the most laid back, chill, easygoing and fun-loving couples I’ve ever shot. Now here’s the rest of the pics.