David Karditzas - May 16, 2016

Grad Shoot 4/X David Karditzas. Man with a big heart for God. Wise guy David. After a weekend of meeting up people, then shooting an engagement, driving down Sunday night to San Luis Obispo, hanging out in Salinas for half-hour cause of road construction, school, homework, life. Then ultimately switching gears to meet up David. And here we go.. We went to Pirates cove. Oh. My. Goodness. Dry shrubs everywhere, stabbing our feet, arms, everywhere. Painful. In addition a fat hill to climb and it was pretty warm... Hot....... No breeze, but we just chilling though. Luckily Richie, David and I kept our chill. But to the places we went up Pirates Coves fat hill, then down to the parking area, climbed some mad cliffs and almost got ourselves killed. THEN, we went to Cal Poly school of business -- Orfalea College of Business. Took some things here and there and ultimately ended the night with dinner and just a few guys talking about our lives and the impact God has in our lives. Fun stuff, check it out here.


The BTS.