Truong Family - April 1, 2016

The Truong Family. 

The day started around 1PM at Terrace Hill, which was probably not the greatest idea but we went with it anyways. After the short uphill hike, began getting some shots of the family in the grasses and open fields. The sun was insanely high and bright at this time of day, not to mention tons of bugs everywhere due to the new spring season. So with that, we decided to go to a different location: Laguna Lake. 

With more abundant trees and fields, this location ended up being perfect. Even the chilly wind added another fun element. I learned so much about working with a family with very young children: to keep their attention and to make them laugh. They were all full of so much joy and fun making the not-so-ideal lighting and weather more enjoyable.

Anyway, Megan wrote a good brief story. Check this out here though.