Karina Uchiumi - February 26, 2016

Karina Uchiumi‎. This girl planned her valentines day pretty on time... but not really... 3 weeks later we have Michael's gift. The gift being a picture and a picture frame! The picture is the part we had to do again... but anyway whatever this doesn't make sense but see here...

Started as a wonderful sunny Friday afternoon right before tennis with Michael, Karina was working on a "project". We started at the San Luis Obispo train station and worked our way to terrace hill, But as we got to terrace hill it became gloomy. And that's it.

Okay.. but really Karina was fun to hang out with and ultimately she says she's camera shy but she's a born model LOL!! She flung her hand in her hair and laughed and smiled and yeah. It was good practice!! kk whatever here are some pictures.