ADM - November 14, 2015

My first group graduation photos in San Luis Obispo! Finally. Aren, Deanna, and Megan were well a fun bunch. Originally it was going to just be Casey shooting this but then I ended up tagging along for a few shots. And with just any Saturday of running bunch of errands we went to Laguna Lake and Shell Beach. 

Beginning at 3:30 we shot till 4:10 at Laguna Lake, then dashed over to shell beach. Unfortunately we got to the beach way too early and the sun was still high. But to kill time they played for a bit, and then we got to shooting. This group was a pretty fun group excited to do lots of new things and definitely a fun group of friends.

A few things to keep in mind is to remember to bring props and definitely prepare with mini-tables to place there grad items! Other than that just manipulating the environment to your advantage is always important. Having fun and being relaxed always a positive. Definitely keeping time under the belt! But yeah first and probably many more shoots to come!