EPIC Class of 2015 - June 7, 2015

Freshman Year is nearing the end. Going through finals week decided to take a breather from studying. In the midst of a cool fresh morning here in SLO, I'm in my room. In the midst of silence, birds chirping, gentle breeze. 

Here the class of 2015, started on a hot Sunday, to my surprise. As the past week was low 60's barely climbing up to the 70's it shot up to nearly 80. It was on a mid-afternoon and we were just waiting for seniors to come to the mustang memorial. 

With the heat the class of 2015 was restless and uneasy, but in due time we were done baking in the sun and off to EPIC's weekly home — SLOUMC.

Here it was much easier as their was much more shade around. 

Did a few portraits of every senior, because every senior should have a portrait! Did some quick friends photos and it was done didly dool deal......

It was a pretty good break from finals and it was a fun shoot as I haven't shot in a long long long long long time... 

But anyway.. this is finals week, much of this will not make sense... That's okay. Grammar english is good here. In my heart I'm happy, pft... Check some highlights instead of looking at 100+ photos of like the same thing!