Melody and Jacky, Kevin and Joanna; Prom - May 24, 2014

After hearing about the Burlington Arcade from Rick and Amanda, this place was on my to-go list in the SGV! And during the busy prom season I was able to use it! The is place was something else, and very quiet and special in its own way. Parking was quite easy and it's free for the first two hours! Meanwhile with Kevin and Joanna, AND Melody and Jacky; we took some photos and then went to a little shop called Float! This place was too good, old school root beer floats and bunch of sandwiches. A little pricey but worth it for the environment. Other than that the shoot was fun! Of course the notorious middle of the street pictures! ahaha risking our lives in the busy city of Old town Pasadena!

EDIT! BIG TIME TROUBLEE!!! I forgot to thank Emily for helping with the chalkboard, hehe!