Hong Kong Part III - April 3, 2014

Okay! To wrap up my long trip.. This will probably one of my longest articles... And and, this is probably supposed to be blog 3,4, and 5... But I was just too busy... 

But anyway here it is the last Five or so days of my Trip!! From the streets of Hong Kong markets to Stanley Island where shopping for goods and all you can imagine can be! Stanley Island is home to where the British Army used to be when Hong Kong was under rule. 

But after Stanley me and my dad went to stay at Conrad Hong Kong! And i had a view like the one below... And after, we went to one of Hong Kong largest cemetery. And oh Yah by this day it was March 27, my Dad's birthday!

After a short stay we traveled to Macau Conrad to stay taking Hong Kong's most famous water jet for transportation! Visiting one of Macau's iconic sightseeing places! Which is called Ruins of St. Paul's.

 Macau is also a place that has so much history I can't even put it in. But it's also a city where the old stayed and the new was placed over so it kinda looks a bit interesting... with some interesting building designs.

Oh so anyway we also met up an old friend Michael, who went to the states for school but now back home in Macau. We celebrated my dad's birthday at a old restaurant and had it pretty homemade everything.. 

The day after.. so to give a mindset March 28.. We crossed Macau's border to China and traveled to Guangzhou by train!

 This whole trip we were traveling to deliver books to a Chinese Christian school, which was ran by missionaries, so that they can have a library! Being placed in China and in the city, right by the school just outside is a place of ruins and construction... Sorta safe for school I guess..

Afterwards back into the heart of Guangzhou, we ate with the locals in some of Guangzhou's famous street food! Pretty juicy and succulent dumplings and the sauce was amazing! My dad also tried some of the locals noodles and local squid.

Lastly on my last leg of my trip I went to a wedding banquet at Ritz Carlton, and ate with lots of family! and yah, here's a handful to look at.. 

 as well as that... a picture of the milky way from the plane!